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Sealants to Prevent Roof Leakages

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Offering Exceptional Sealants and Caulks

Stop worrying about your roof leakage! Reach out to the reliable sealing experts at locally operated PDI Roof Coatings today. We can offer you the perfect sealants and caulks to seal joints against leakage in structures and piping which helps with the long-term integrity of your building. Call us now! Let our knowledgeable employees with over 45 years of experience in the roof coating business assist you!

Dynamite Siliconized Acrylic Sealant
  • Paintable
  • One case - 12 tubes
  • 10.1-ounce caulking tubes
  • Colors: white and clear
  • Recommended for general purpose sealing for interior and exterior applications

Dap Silicone Rubber Sealant
  • Non-paintable
  • Colors: clear
  • One case - 12 tubes
  • 10.5-ounce caulking tubes
  • Long-lasting flexibility and excellent adhesion
  • Used for windows, doors, siding, vents, gutters, and trim
  • Recommended for indoor and outdoor waterproofing and weatherproof sealing

Flexible Seal
  • Paintable
  • One case - 12 tubes
  • 10.6-ounce caulking tubes
  • Colors: white, clear, and almond
  • Sticks to wet surfaces and elastomeric for a weatherproof long-lasting repair
  • Roof sealant used for narrow cracks, small holes, and seams on steel, glass, aluminum, concrete, wood brick, clay, and tile substrates

Geocel #3500 Roof Tile Adhesive and Sealant
  • One case - 24 tubes
  • 10.3-ounce caulking tubes
  • Colors: gray and terra cotta
  • Designed for the installation of roof tile, valley tile, wall tile, or broken field tile
  • Adheres to masonry, concrete, sheet metal, brick, wood mortar, and painted metal trim

Geocel #2315 - Leak Repair Fibered Brushable Sealant
  • Paintable
  • 1-gallon pail
  • Colors: clear and gray
  • Prevents rust and staining
  • Recommended for stopping leaks
  • Adheres to metal, asphalt, and PVC

Geocel #3300 Construction Polyurethane Sealant
  • Paintable
  • 10.3-ounce caulking tubes
  • Colors: white, gray, and tan
  • Can be used for exterior and interior caulking
  • Can be used on travel trailers, mobile homes, extruded PVC windows, doors, and other OEM applications
  • Cures rapidly and adheres well to most common substrates, such as masonry, concrete, glass, and aluminum without priming

Geocel #2000 Construction Caulking Sealant
  • Paintable
  • Colors: clear
  • 10.3-ounce caulking tubes
  • Designed for use in moving and non-moving joints
  • Adheres to metal, vinyl, wood, and other common building substrates
  • Use on most non-traffic bearing joints, including those where structural movement or stress is expected
  • May be used without primer on brick, concrete, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, glass, and untreated wood

Geocel Expanding Foam Sealant
  • 12-ounce spray can
  • Fills, seals, and insulates
  • Insulates against heat or air conditioning loss and blocks the path of pests
  • Ideal for hard to reach cracks, holes, voids, and areas around vents and plumbing or electrical outlets

Geocel Rust Converter
  • 11-ounce spray can
  • Dries in two to three minutes
  • Converts rust in one easy step
  • Protects against further corrosion
  • Sprays clear - turns black when ready to paint

Geocel Shingle and Flashing Roof Accessory Paint
  • Adds a final touch
  • Dries in eight minutes
  • Colors: wood paint, silver, and gray
  • Hide flaws, blemishes, and unsightly roof protrusions
  • Smooth, durable, rust-fighting finish that prevents stains

Perma Patch Textured #100
  • Paintable
  • Textured
  • Trowel on
  • Color: gray
  • 1-gallon pail
  • Water based
  • Fills cracks and holes in exterior walls, stucco, concrete, and in textured interior walls

Perma Patch Smooth #101
  • Paintable
  • 1-gallon pail
  • Smooth finish
  • Water based
  • Color: gray
  • Brush or trowel on
  • Flexible patching and caulking compound that fills cracks and holes in drywall, wood, smooth concrete walls, stucco, and ceilings

Perma Patch Textured, Brushable #102
  • Paintable
  • Textured
  • Brush on
  • Color: gray
  • 1-gallon pail
  • Water based
  • Fills cracks and holes in the interior or exterior walls, stucco, masonry, brick, concrete, and ceilings

BlackJack Neoprene Cement
  • Paintable
  • Color: black
  • Solvent based
  • One case - 12 tubes
  • 10.1-ounce caulking tubes
  • Remains flexible and watertight
  • Super-flash neoprene cement
  • Seals and protects a variety of surfaces

BlackJack Concrete and Mortar Patch (Crack Stop)
  • Liquid cement
  • Concrete crack filler
  • Interior or exterior
  • One case - 12 tubes
  • 10-ounce caulking tubes
  • Fast and easy to apply
  • Matches concrete when dry

APOC 501 Neoprene Flashing Cement
  • 1-gallon
  • Flashing sealant
  • One case - 12 tubes
  • 10.1-ounce caulking tubes
  • Seals cracks, holes, and tears in built-up roofs (asphalt and coal tar)

Mighty Seal
  • Locks out weather
  • Won't crack or peel
  • One case - 12 tubes
  • 10.5-ounce caulking tubes
  • Early resistance to rain
  • Adheres, seals, and protects
  • Spans up to 2" in properly designed joints
  • High-performance acrylic elastomeric sealant

Flexible Seal

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Did you know that PDI Roof Coatings can help with all sorts of flat roof problems and can answer many roofing questions, such as:

- Exposing Foam 
- Ponding and Standing Water
- Leaks and Moisture
- Leaks on RVS, Motorhomes, and Travel Trailers
- Punctures, Rips, and Tears
- Blistering and Buckling
- Shrinkage
- Alligatoring
- Cracking
- Flashing

If you have any of the following problems, give PDI Roof Coatings a call,
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