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Membrane for Roofs and Walk Decks

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Polyester Membrane to Protect Your Roof
Want to get a polyester membrane, and elastomeric polyester system that helps seal, protect, and lengthen the life of your roof? Turn to PDI Roof Coatings. We sell membranes, which are ideal for roofs and walk-decks. Take a look at the different sizes of the Titex polyester membrane that we sell. Call us now!

Titex Polyester Membrane

Fiberglass Roof Membrane

Roof Lining

Call us for high-quality roof coating
products at competitive rates.

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Did you know that PDI Roof Coatings can help with all sorts of flat roof problems and can answer many roofing questions, such as:

- Exposing Foam 
- Ponding and Standing Water
- Leaks and Moisture
- Leaks on RVS, Motorhomes, and Travel Trailers
- Punctures, Rips, and Tears
- Blistering and Buckling
- Shrinkage
- Alligatoring
- Cracking
- Flashing

If you have any of the following problems, give PDI Roof Coatings a call,
or better yet, stop by with some pictures of your problematic roof so we can better assist you.
(480) 967-9407